Bing Product Ads Now Open to All U.S. Advertisers

After a closed beta for months, Bing has announced the release of Product Ads to all U.S. advertisers.

The ads include custom images from an advertiser’s own product catalog, promotional text, pricing, and company name. The ad costs are the same as other text ads on a pay-per-click basis with bidding done on product targets.

Product Ads can also show simultaneously with advertisers’ text ads for the same merchant, giving advertisers even more SERP real estate. Up to six product ads may show in the results at one time and will run on both Yahoo and Bing.

Bing Product Ads Bouquet

Individual ad creation isn’t necessary because Product Ads pull information directly from the advertisers product feed. Campaigns can also be imported from Google AdWords Product Listing Ads for added convenience.

The features and functionality between Bing Product Ads and Google Product Listing Ads are similar, which should offer consistency for Advertiser.

Product Ads Bing Ads vs Google AdWords

The Yahoo Bing Network delivers significant traffic from online shopping which could be a great benefit for retail advertisers to expand scope of their PPC program.

According to comScore data, the Yahoo Bing Network gives advertisers access to 510 million total retail searches per month, 22 percent of all retail clicks, and 31 million retailer searchers that you can’t reach on Google.

Additional information and resources on these new ads can be found here.

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