Google PLA Shopping Campaigns Open to All Advertisers

All online merchants now have access to Shopping campaigns, Google’s Product Listing Ads program, which has been in beta since October. Shopping campaigns allow advertisers to see more product data within AdWords, among other structural changes.

What Are Google Shopping Campaigns?

Shopping Campaigns LayeringGoogle Shopping Campaigns are a new way to structure Product Listing Ads within AdWords that increases product visibility for merchants and follows a layering ad system.

Below are some of the major elements of Shopping campaigns:

  • New way to structure Product Listing ads based on product group layering
  • Ad structure which segments product groups from the all products group
  • Include new merchant friendly features including benchmark CTR and bulk bid changes.
  • Allows merchants to access product information within AdWords, such as product title
  • Includes advertiser focused updates including PLA competitive tools (e.g Impression Share, Benchmark Max CPC)

Shopping Campaigns vs. PLAs

Some other significant changes with Shopping campaigns include how AdWords labels are used and ad group naming reporting metrics modifications.

Here’s a brief overview of the major changes with Shopping campaigns:

Google Shopping Campaigns vs. PLAs

Get Started With Shopping Campaigns

Before you get started on Google Shopping campaigns, note that existing PLA campaigns overlap with new Shopping campaigns. There is no way to migrate campaign data either, so if you have an existing PLA campaign which is broken out extensively, you’ll need to start fresh with Shopping Campaigns.

Here are some tutorials and guides for getting started with Shopping Campaigns:

While in beta, Google updated Shopping Campaign tools and functionality, most recently to include bulk bid changesand product names adjacent to product IDs. Google’s announcement mentions API support and a bid simulator as upcoming features which will also be included.

Want to learn more about Shopping campaigns? Google’s team will be at ClickZ Live New York, our digital marketing and advertising conference taking place March 31 to April 3.

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