Pinterest Interests: New Tool Delivers Personalized Pin Recommendations

Pinterest Explore Interests

Pinterest has introduced a new tool called Interests. It is designed to make it easier for pinners to explore topics they are most interested in and find new pins on topics that they most frequently pin on.

The Interest topics board is set up differently than normal Pinterest page. Some of the topics are in a much larger boxes than others, based on how popular that particular topic is for each user. So if there’s one particular topic that you pin regularly, it will likely be one of the largest boxes at the top, while smaller boxes are reserved for areas that you don’t pin as frequently on or are related to what you pin on.

Pinterest’s pins are organized within a handful of broad categories, so Interests will group together pins in much more narrow categories to help recommend pins users are more likely to be interested in. For instance, Pinterest used the example that if you pin a lot of climbing plants and wall ferns, your Interests page might recommend vertical gardens.

When you click through to one of the topic boards to explore, there does seem to be room for improvement. When I explored one of the boards it suggested I’d be interested in, I went to pin one of the images, only to be then told I had already pinned it previously on my own board of the same topic. The same happened for several other pins that were all at the top of that particular explore board.

“Keep in mind that this is still just a preview,” Pinterest said. “You may see a few interests here and there that aren’t quite your thing, but rest assured that improvements are already in the works.”

The new Pinterest Interests section is available from the top menu on any Pinterest page. It is only available for desktop users at this time, but Pinterest said you can expect it to roll out to mobile users soon. It is one of many personalization changes that Pinterest has planned for 2014.

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