A New Look for Google AdWords Rolling Out Now

Google has been on a mission to streamline the look and feel of many of its products over the years. This week, Google announced AdWords would be the next beneficiary of a new design, offering “more screen real estate to the tools and reports you love.” 

The company added, “By updating AdWords to the look and feel that we use across Google, you’ll spend less time getting where you want to go in your account, and more time focusing on growing your business.”

Navigation links like billing, help and account settings (formerly “my account”) have moved into the gear icon — the same place important navigational features are placed in other Google products like Gmail.


Google has also moved key campaign information in the dashboard above the fold to minimize scrolling. Now there’s a way to quickly see who is signed in for accounts with multiple users as well.


Plus, Google said there’s more white space associated with charts and tables, and they’ve incorporated softer colors to make it “easier on the eyes.”

Here’s a short video by Google on navgating AdWords, which reflects the new changes: 

These changes will be rolling out to accounts over the next few weeks.

Do you like the redesign? Let us know in the comments.

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