Twitter Expands Tailored Audiences, Redesigns Web Interface

True to (its own) form, Twitter has released not one but a couple of news updates at once: it is partnering with Epsilon to offer new ways to target ads via tailored audiences, and is also rolling out a redesigned web interface.

Highly Targeted Ads for High Engagement

Plugged in with Epsilon’s technology, Twitter is now able to offer the possibility to match CRM data to create highly-targeted promoted tweet campaigns, the company announced.

With SecureConnect – that’s the name of the technology – marketers can directly tap into their own audience and narrow it down to laser-focused segments based on data provided by Epsilon. These audience segments gather both the most engaged, and the most relevant, to any given topic.

Financial terms of the deal were not immediately available. 

Refreshed Website

Since good news seldom comes alone, especially at Twitter, the network also announced it is rolling out the newest version of its website. How? Via a tweet, of course.


The move is interesting as companies usually have a website and then strive to produce mobile interfaces. In this case, Twitter is doing the opposite: its iOS and Android sites are ahead of their website, which, as they say, will reflect those two properties.

This article was originally published on ClickZ.

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