Happy Holidays from Search Engine Watch!

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As the year draws to a close, we’re all thinking about family, friends, and winding down for the holidays. And as usual, all of us at Search Engine Watch, as well as our sister brands ClickZ and ClickZ Live, wish you all the very best over the holidays and for the coming year.

2014 will mark 18 years of Search Engine Watch and ClickZ, and 15 years of our global conference series. All this time, we’ve kept ourselves at the forefront of digital marketers’ minds, providing marketing news with our dedicated team of professional writers who deliver a constant stream of outstanding industry reporting and analysis.

Our audience is still growing and we now have more than 200 contributors at Search Engine Watch and ClickZ. We continue to deliver how-to information and walk-throughs of the latest technology and techniques, while also maintaining an expert faculty of speakers and trainers at ClickZ Live and ClickZ Academy. So be assured that we’ll continue to give your brain its daily dose of marketing nutrition into the next year and long after.

We have never forgotten how fortunate we are to be rewarded with such loyal and supportive readers, conference attendees, advertisers, and sponsors. So, we want to offer our most sincere Thank You for your contributions and feedback during 2013.

For now, take a break and enjoy the comfort of family and friends. On behalf of the entire team at Incisive Media in New York, London, and Hong Kong, we wish you all the very best. May 2014 be safe, prosperous, and peaceful for us all.

Happy Holidays!

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