Tell Google What New Features You Want in Webmaster Tools

google-webmaster-toolsGoogle’s Matt Cutts has put out an open call on his personal blog asking for suggestions for what people would like to see added or changed in Google Webmaster Tools for 2014.

Cutts first did this back in 2007. Many of the suggestions from that years have been implemented, Cutts noted.

He shared a pretty big list of ideas he thinks people would like to see, but noted that the Webmaster Tools team isn’t actually working on these features.

This is a great opportunity for people to be able to suggest things they want to see, and get heard by Cutts and members on the Webmaster Tools team.

It’s also interesting looking at the comments already posted for features that people would like to see added, I have my own personal list of things I would love to see, and I see others wanting the same thing as well.

And I’m sure that some companies that create their own SEO tools for webmasters are keeping a close eye on those suggestions as well, to see if there are any features they can implement themselves.

It’s unclear how long the blog post will be open for new comments, so if you have some great ideas you probably don’t want to delay adding them, especially considering there were more than 100 comments just in the first day. This will definitely be your best chance to get heard on new features, far better than trying to get face time with Cutts at a conference.

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