Google Fails to Gain Search Market Share, Bing Steals From Yahoo

Google Bing YahooIt’s been three months since we last checked in on comScore’s monthly update on search engine market share – and not much has changed. Google is still hovering around 67 percent market share, while Bing has made some small gains at Yahoo’s expense.

In October, comScore reported that Google’s share of the U.S. search market held steady at 66.9 percent for the third straight month. Year-over-year, Google’s search share remained unchanged as well, as it checked in with 66.9 percent search market share in October 2012.

Meanwhile, Bing continued to grow its market share in October. After remaining flat in the summer at 17.9 percent, Bing reached 18 percent for the first time in September, and hit a new high of 18.1 percent in October. In October 2012, Bing’s search market share stood at 16 percent, according to comScore.

Yahoo’s search share continued to shrink in October 2013, hitting a new low of 11.1 percent. In October 2012, Yahoo’s share of the U.S. search market was 12.2 percent.

In the battle of Google vs. Bing “powered by” results, 68.4 percent of all searches conducted were powered by Google, while 27.1 percent were powered by Bing. A year ago, Google powered 69.5 percent of organic results, while Bing accounted for 25 percent.

Ask saw a slight gain, going from 2.5 percent in September to 2.6 percent in October. But Ask is down year-over-year, as it had a 3.2 percent market share in October 2012.

Rounding out the bottom five, AOL held steady for the third straight month with a 1.3 search market share. But AOL was down year-over-year, as it had a 1.8 percent market share in October 2012.

In October, 17.6 billion explicit core searches were conducted (up 8 percent). As always, Google led the way with 11.8 billion searches (up 8 percent since September). Bing ranked second with 2.8 billion searches (up 9 percent), followed by Yahoo with 2.1 billion (up 8 percent), Ask with 560 million (down 1 percent), and AOL with 309 million (up 8 percent).

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