All Google AdWords Advertisers Gain Access to Review Extensions


Review extensions for AdWords have moved from beta and is being rolled out to all AdWords accounts, Google announced. This extension, which began beta testing back in June, allows advertisers to place things such as third-party reviews, rankings, and awards for specific sources right into their AdWords ad.

Right now, all reviews must be from a reputable third-party source, and still must follow AdWords policies. Google is also using automated and human-based systems in order to review all review extensions for both validity and policy compliance. Advertisers are also required to ensure that they are permitted to use the specific reviews in their ads.

In order to submit a review, you must submit a “new review” in your account, specify whether the quote is either paraphrased or an exact quote, provide both the quote and the source, including a source URL, and save it to your account. Both the text and the source can’t be more than 67 characters in length.

In your account, click on the Ad Extensions tab, then select Review Extensions from the View dropdown menu. Then click +Extensions, choose the campaign you want to add a review extension to, and then submit information

Once you submit a review extension, it will take a few days to get approved. Once it is approved you can begin using it in your AdWords ads.

The review extensions are a great way for advertisers to make their AdWords ads stand out a little bit more from the competition, particularly in highly competitive AdWords market areas, and also give potential visitors and customers an idea of how other reputable sources view your product or service.

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