Google Knowledge Graph Adds Filters, Comparisons

Google has added a new filter tool and comparisons as the search giant continues to expand its Knowledge Graph search results. The new tools aim to help searchers drill down deeper into topics or compare some key facts about two things side-by-side.

Knowledge Graph Filters

To illustrate its new Knowledge Graph filter, Google provided an example search for [impressionist artists]. A black carousel now appears above the organic results showing a handful of popular artists in this category frequently mentioned on the web (e.g., Monet, Renoir, Degas, Manet). Clicking on any of these artist’s pictures will generate a new search results page for that specific artist.

Impressionist Artists Google Filter

In addition, Google has added a filter, where you can pull down to see more categories: All Genres, Baroque, Contemporary, Cubist, Expressionist, Modernist, Realist, Renaissance, Rococo, Romantic, and Surrealist.

List of Movies Google Filters

Or if you searched for [list of movies], Google’s carousel highlights frequently mentioned films such as “Pacific Rim”, “The Avengers”, and “The Dark Knight”. You can further filter by genre (e.g., Action, Adventure, Comedy) and years (All Years or any year between 2005-2013).

Knowledge Graph Comparisons

Ever wanted to compare nutritional information? Celestial objects? Dog breeds? Now you can by using Google’s new comparison tool. It looks like this for butter vs. olive oil:

Google Butter vs Olive Oil Comparison

Now right on Google you can see assorted facts compared side by side, such as this Earth vs. Mars example:

Earth vs Mars Google Comparison

You can show more or less information using an up or down arrow that appears at the bottom of the comparison chart boxes.

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