New Bing Product Search Launches

Bing Product Search

Big changes are coming to Bing’s shopping results. Bing announced it is integrating shopping information directly into the main search results to show users product features, specifications, reviews, and related products.

In addition to adding a new carousel atop the search results that will show related products, the new results will display in a three-column format:

  • The larger column will contain the main search results with the familiar blue links.
  • The second column contains the Snapshot information complete with image, overview information, reviews related searches and paid ads.
  • The third column is the Bing Social Sidebar, when users are signed in. The Social Sidebar adds information from Facebook, Klout and other social networks to help searchers make decisions based on friend or industry-leader recommendations.

Bing has been adamant that their shopping searches aren’t pay-to-play. The results are still organic and natural. Their Scroogled ad campaigns have drawn criticism, but the messaging was clear.

Paid ads will still appear in the new shopping search results. Moreover, it will be one of the two ways to make a purchase if you so choose after your search.

Bing even has new product ads that contain price and availability information and a new feature advertisers can opt-into called Rich Captions. Rich captions are an opportunity for advertisers to add a mini description to their product information, similar to a meta description in a organic search result.

Bing Rich Captions

Pricing and availability will also be available in organic listings, if the site owner has used the appropriate schema markup.

The final version of Bing’s product search is still being tweaked, so if you don’t see this new experience yet, you will soon.

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