New Yahoo Logo Coming, Right After 30 Days of Other Logos

yahoo-logo-change-1The Yahoo logo has remained pretty much unchanged for more than a decade, with the only slight change really being a color change from red to purple. So it was a bit surprising that Yahoo announced that they will be unveiling a brand new Yahoo logo.

Yahoo is introducing the new logo with a twist – while Yahoo is officially revealing the new logo at midnight ET on September 5 (when it will still be 9 p.m. September 4th at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale, California headquarters), during the 30 days leading up to that time, Yahoo will display a unique Yahoo logo every day.

For those of you who are attached to the exclamation point or the color purple, both features are confirmed to be in the new logo.

Yahoo has definitely been making many changes since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. Revamping the logo makes sense as they are evolving from where they were prior to Mayer coming onboard. Using a unique new logo for 30 days in the lead up is great marketing sense, because people are going to want to check back and see what the new logo is each day.

Interesting that they have chosen to only show the new logo to people in the U.S., and not throughout the world, or even just North America.

Also, for a bit of trivia, you may not know about the Yahoo logo, when you click on the exclamation point on the logo’s homepage, it will play the Yahoo yodel. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be active during their 30 days of logos, however if you are unaware of that yodel, you can head to to try it out.

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