Google Analytics Gives Advertisers Bid Adjustments Report

Google Analytics Bid Adjustments Report

Google AdWords is now sending even more conversion data to Google Analytics to help advertisers optimize their bidding adjustments with the new enhanced campaigns. Analytics now shows bid adjustment reporting, enabling advertisers to run and analyze performance reports for each bid adjustment, and analyze it across devices, locations, and time of day.

Also, users that have Ecommerce tracking enabled within Google Analytics can use the new bid adjustment reporting to make adjustments to bidding based on actual revenue being generated instead of simply conversions. This allows advertisers to optimize for ROI instead of simply CPA meeting advertisers can ensure their AdWords ads are reaching the best audience for ROI purposes.

A quick example illustrates this (illustrated in the above screenshot). Imagine a hotel chain has set Time bid adjustments of +20% on Saturday and Sunday after observing a better ROI on those days. Using this new report in GA, the hotel chain now observes that their ROI on Sundays is actually higher than on other days of the week. The hotel chain’s analyst finds that customers book more expensive rooms and longer stays on Sundays. Using this information, the hotel chain increases its existing Time bid adjustment for Sundays.

The new reporting is available to all Google Analytics users who have linked their account with their Google AdWords account. To find the reporting, go to Traffic Sources > Advertising >AdWords and clicking the Bid Adjustments link.

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