Yahoo Search Results Get a Google-Inspired Redesign

Taking some inspiration from Google, Yahoo’s U.S. search results have gotten a makeover. Yahoo announced its brand new, “modern” look today – one that includes a Google-like navigation bar, and search results that appear higher on the page and seem to load faster.

Here’s a before and after example Yahoo provided:


And here’s another example search result:


As the above image shows, Yahoo has ditched the tabs that were introduced in the company’s 2011 redesign, and now has simple text links to Yahoo’s other properties, much like Google, and a left navigation menu similar to the one Marissa Mayer, then Google VP Search Products & User Experience, introduced in 2010. The top navigation bar will roll out to more Yahoo properties “over time”.

The redesign is the first overhaul to Yahoo search since Mayer became Yahoo CEO, and will have no bearing on Yahoo’s organic search results, as they are still powered by Bing.

However, Mayer, now Yahoo’s CEO, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Microsoft search deal, in large part because Yahoo and Bing have swapped search engine market share over the last two years, rather than steal any from Google.

Yahoo accounted for 12 percent of the U.S. search market in April (2.4 billion searches), according to comScore data. 

More recent reports indicated Yahoo wants to get out of its 10-year deal with Microsoft.

What do you think of the Yahoo search results redesign?

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