Google Launches Paid Music Streaming Service

google-play-music-listen-nowGoogle has confirmed earlier rumors that it was working on a streaming music service. The company yesterday announced Google Play Music All Access at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco.

Chris Yerga, Android engineering director, unveiled the service, which will take on Spotify and Rdio with its subscription based music offering. Google Play Music All Access offers its catalogue of millions of tracks to users for a monthly fee of $9.99.

In a bid to lure in customers, Google is offering all users a 30-day free trial of the service, and those who take advantage of the offer before 30 June will pay a fee of $7.99 per month onwards. However, the firm will not offer a free subscription model.

Much like Spotify, Google Play Music All Access offers a personalized radio feature. When listening to a song, users can opt to switch on the radio service, which will create a personalized playlist based on the track that a user is listening to.

Besting Spotify, users can swipe to have a peek at the next song, and have the option to view the full list of songs that are lined up. From here, users can choose to delete songs, and can reorder the playlist.

“Music unites us, it’s universal,” Yerga said. “We set out to build a music service that didn’t just give you access to a world of music, but helped to guide you through it.”

Much like its main rival however, Google Play Music All Access allows users to browse tunes by genre, with options also available to look through popular and local tracks. It also boasts a feature similar to Apple’s Genius tool, designed to help users find new music.

Google Play Music All Access is now available in the U.S.

This article was originally published on the Inquirer.

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