Saul Bass Google Logo Celebrates Master of Movie Title Sequences


Google honors iconic graphic designer Saul Bass in today’s Google Doodle. The Doodle, which is actually a video, recreates some of Bass’ most famous opening title sequences featuring the Google logo.

Bass, who was most famous for creating some of Alfred Hitchcock and Otto Preminger’s opening movie title sequences, would have turned 93 today. The Google Doodle plays tribute to his work with Hitchcock, Preminger, Stanley Kubrick, Lewis Milestone, Michael Anderson, Robert Wise, and Jerome Robbins.

“I’ve always been interested in the work of Saul Bass and was delighted to get the opportunity to celebrate his birthday on the Google homepage,” writes Doodler Matthew Cruickshank. “From the outset I wanted to celebrate a number of his film credits in succinct succession, as well as a nod in the direction of his poster work. Film rights can be problematic so I wasn’t completely sure of the order of cutting, but as it turned out every studio was a pleasure to work with.

“Corresponding with Jennifer Bass was inspirational and led to hearing that Saul Bass was a Dave Brubeck fan. Although I hadn’t synched animation to music we found a Brubeck track that managed to hit the right notes.”

Cruickshank said he drew everything in Adobe Illustrator before animating in After Effects.

Can’t quite remember which movie Google is playing off of for their Doodle? Here is the complete list of title sequences Google used in order.

“Psycho” (Hitchock, 1960) which also appears are part of the initial Google Doodle, before visitors press play.

“The Man with the Golden Arm” (Preminger, 1955)

“Spartacus” (Kubrick, 1960)

“West Side Story” (Wise and Robbins, 1961)

There is no video of this opening, however it also shares the same scene that was used on the movie poster.

“Vertigo” (Hitchcock, 1958)

“North by Northwest” (Hitchcock, 1959)

“Anatomy of a Murder” (Otto Preminger, 1959)

“Ocean’s Eleven” (Lewis Milestone, 1960)

“Around the World in Eighty Days” (Michael Anderson, 1956)

Again, no video of this opening scene on YouTube, however this part of the Google Doodle is obvious.

In addition to his work in film, Bass was responsible for creating quite a few logos for corporations, including the likes of AT&T, United Airlines, Quaker Oats, and Dixie.

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