YouTube Maps Video Trends


Ever wonder if that funny video you shared on Facebook is popular in other parts of the county? Or if the viral video your company produced is only popular in your home state or if it has gained traction throughout the country? Well now you can find that out through the new YouTube Trends Map.

Not only can you get regional breakdowns of popular videos, you can also filter based on gender and age demographics, if you are interested in seeing what women between the ages of 35-44 are watching on YouTube, for example.

You can also break it down to show shares or views, which shows some very different results. For example, the most viewed video throughout the U.S. is inexplicably Belen vs St Thomas Water Polo Handshake, and clearly I wasn’t the only one confused by this one.

When broken down to shares, the top two videos were country music related although they only dominated the southeastern U.S. On the West Coast, the new “True Blood” Season 6 trailer was tops, followed by a “Walking Dead” lip reading parody.

The age and gender demographics can take up to 48 hours after the video is uploaded for the data to become available, so if it is a brand new video, you will have to wait to get the demographic breakdowns.

It is only available in the U.S. at this time, but since they say stay tuned for updates, it is likely it will be launched in countries beyond the U.S.

This will be a valuable tool for marketers who want to keep up on trends and shares, especially when wanting to look at specific gender or age demographics, as well as what is popular in different regions and cities.

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