Google Files for Smartwatch Patent

im-watchGoogle has filed for a patent, which, if developed, could bring a wearable smartwatch device to its hardware lines.

The patent application, filed with the US PTO, describes a device that would be placed on a wristband and would include one or more touch displays. The watch would include both clock hardware and a data line, suggesting the device will be capable of connecting to the Internet.

Additionally, the watch device would include a base station that could house a processor and a data line as well as wireless hardware. The patent suggests that the watch could connect wirelessly with the base or could also be connected and charged with a cord. The base station unit would also have a touchscreen display.

While Google made no mention of its Glass platform in the filing, such a wristband device could presumably be used to connect with certain data points or compliment the company’s current augmented reality platform.

The patent filings should, however, be taken with a grain of salt as they don’t necessarily mean that the development or release of such a smartwatch device is imminent. Just like with search patents.

While not commonplace, the smartwatch market it beginning to take shape. Startups and establish vendors alike are toying with designs for watches that would feature data connectivity. Some designs have floated bluetooth-enabled units that are able to sync with a smartphone to provide additional information and control options.

Apple has been said to be developing its own wrist-based device, with reports suggesting that both in-house and third-party designs would allow for a wearable iOS wristband running an ergonomic curved glass display.

This article was originally published on V3.

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