Google Grabs More Search Market Share, Now at 67.5%

Google Bing Yahoo logosGoogle now owns 67.5 percent of the U.S. search market. After reaching 67 percent for the first time in November and repeating the feat in January, Google has topped its own record and strengthened its market share stranglehold, comScore reported.

In February 2012, Google’s share of the U.S. searches was at 66.4 percent.

Google’s closest search engine competitor Bing also grew its search market share in February to 16.7 percent, up from 16.5 percent in January and up from 15.3 percent in February 2012. Bing has now grown its search market share for six months straight.

It’s a different story for Bing’s search partner, Yahoo. As Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has pointed out, Yahoo and Bing are basically swapping search market share rather than making any headway against Google.

In February, Yahoo (which is powered by Bing) once again fell further behind, dropping to 11.6 percent, down from 12.1 percent in January and down from 13.8 percent in February 2012.

Yahoo has lost search market share 14 out of the last 17 months now and, as we pointed out last month, Yahoo has been trending downward year-over-year dating back to January 2007, when Yahoo was at 28.1 percent.

In the battle of Google vs. Bing “powered by” results, 69.7 percent of all searches conducted were powered by Google (up from 69.3 percent in January), while 25.9 percent were powered by Bing (up from 25.6 percent) in February.

Ask’s search market share dropped to 2.6 percent in February (down from 2.8 percent in January). AOL held steady at 1.7 percent.

The number of core (home and work desktop) searches fell 6 percent in February, from 19.4 billion in January to 18.3 billion in February. Google sites led the way with 12.3 billion searches (down 6 percent) followed by Microsoft sites with 3 billion searches (down 6 percent), Yahoo sites with 2.1 billion (down 5 percent), Ask Network with 475 million (down 11 percent), and AOL with 305 million (down 8 percent).

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