Google Adds Help Series for Hacked Websites

google-help-for-hacked-sitesGoogle has announced a new “Help for hacked sites” informational series to help webmasters whose sites have been hacked or compromised.

The announcement begins with an overview video that describes how and why sites are hacked, followed by a video that describes how to assess what has been changed on your website, and how to fix it. A third video offers tips on how to identify whether your website has been hacked, as well as specific actions to avoid if you discover malware on your website.

One particularly useful tool noted in the third video is Google’s publicly-available website diagnostic tool. To use it, visit the following URL, with your website appended at the end.

For example, to conduct a quick diagnostic test of whether Search Engine has any malware, you’d visit

The announcement concludes with tips for preventing your website from being hacked.

The official help series can be found at, where Google has outlined an eight-step process for identifying the problem, resolving it, and repairing any damage your rankings may have suffered due to malware. You can watch all the videos below:

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