Victorious Over Google & AOL, Vringo Targets Microsoft in Search Patent Suit

gavel-keyboardMicrosoft has become the latest company to face a suit from Vringo subsidiary Innovate/Protect (I/P) engine over search patents.

The suit is based on two online search patents owned by the Vringo subsidiary. Patent numbers 6775664 and 6314420 are based on a technology that allows search engines to work concurrently with advertisement systems.

I/P Engine alleges that Microsoft has, and continues to, infringe on the two patents. The firm is seeking damages for past and future revenues potentially gained from the two search patents.

Vringo made headlines last November when it successfully sued Google and AOL for damages based on online search-related patents. The jury in the case awarded Vringo $30 million in damages. Vringo was originally looking to score some $696 million in damages from the consortium of infringing companies.

Vringo was founded in 2006 as a mobile software firm. Last year the company merged with I/P Engine, an intellectual property firm that makes money by licensing patents.

It was following the merger that Vringo received the patents involved in the current lawsuits. Both patents were originally created by employees of the internet search firm Lycos.

This article was originally published on V3.

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