With 3 Stellar Keynotes, SES London 2013 Is Shaping Up

ses-london-2013-logoThe final conference agenda for SES London 2013, which has just been updated, features three keynote speakers who tackle the latest trends and challenges facing the online marketing industry (using the block tackle, sliding tackle, and poking tackle).

The 14th annual SES London will be held 18-21 February at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

“With three ‘kick-ass’ keynotes, 36 sessions on hot topics, and 72 industry experts as speakers, SES London 2013 is shaping up to be Europe’s leading digital marketing event,” said Mike Grehan, publisher of Search Engine Watch and ClickZ and producer of the SES international conference series. “Along with three days packed full of essential content to help experienced and advertising professionals navigate the digital landscape, SES London 2013 also includes a 2-day expo featuring leading vendors in the industry, along with a host of networking opportunities.”

On Tuesday, 19 Feb., Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer, Advertising and Online, Microsoft UK, will give the Morning Keynote, Future Forward – Paradigm Shifts in the Digital Revolution.

“In our modern society the role of technology is something of a paradox – to most consumers it is invisible (or at least it should be) yet to brands and businesses it has become a massive focus, an area where all can be won or lost,” Coplin said. “Although technology will play a massive part in our future, the most complex and interesting part of the equation is how customers and consumers have changed and will continue to change in their use of it.

“We firmly believe that success will come to those brands and businesses that are able to successfully marry the changes in technology with the changes in society, focusing on the outcomes that make most sense for the consumer based on the context that surrounds them,” he said.

The web is quietly, but quickly, undergoing a social revolution, blending the analogue and digital worlds to become even more powerful in the way we all live, work and play, Coplin said.

“Search is at the very heart of this change as the internet evolves to be more about ‘doing’ and less about ‘finding’. Understanding this change is crucial, not just for the satisfaction and welfare of consumers and customers, but equally for the success and relevance of brands and businesses,” he said. “This session will uncover the challenges (and opportunities!) faced by us all as we move further into this new way of living and working, and how shifting to a more human approach enables us to unlock the full potential of all that technology has to offer a modern society.”

On Wednesday, 20 Feb., Dara Nasr, Head of Agency Sales, Twitter, will give the morning keynote, Maximising Realtime Marketing Opportunities and Transmedia Storytelling.

Nasr will provide:

  • Examples of how people connect through shared interests.
  • Case studies of brands communicating with their customers.
  • Learnings around harnessing a transmedia approach to planning.
  • Real-time examples of brands pushing their campaigns further and faster.

On Thursday, 21 Feb., Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist, aimClear, will give the morning keynote, Optimizing Humans! The Art Of Data-Driven Social Marketing.

Wondering how to explode your social media strategy? This keynote presentation focuses on immediately actionable paid and organic social tactics marketers can use for enhanced demographic research and data-driven community outreach.

Attendees will:

  • Learn techniques for mapping search to social. Discover how to identify socially plugged-in authority users along classic lines of search conversion semantics history.
  • Explore organic and paid social mashup tactics to leverage the data.
  • Investigate data-driven friending tactics: Life & career altering perspective shifts regarding how community managers (and everyday people) can undertake programmatic outreach to connect with personal & business authority users and collect them as friends for fun and profit.
  • Probe killer social media paid tactics to target the “whole user” in social channels.
  • Consider new KPIs for measuring social media efforts, including “friend leads” and conversion.

SES London 2013 offers a range of conference passes for any one day or all three days of the conference, a half-day or full day of onsite training, as well as the full conference plus the training. Group discounts for groups of 4 our more pass holders who are from the same company and register at the same time are also available.

I should disclose that SES London 2013 is a client of my agency. But trust me on the kick-ass keynotes.

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