Google+ Tells Businesses Using AdWords Express Will Grow Followers

Looks like Google is once again trying to sell local business owners who have created a Google+ page on the idea that AdWords Express will deliver them more business. Ads are showing up in Google+ pages as a way to “get customers to your Google+ page.”

Small ads are now being seen by Google+ page managers. It suggests that you can pay for more followers through advertising in search, display, maps and mobile:


First noted by Dejanseo, when you click through, you’re taken to an AdWords Express page:


Once you click on “Start now” you’re taken to the set-up wizard where Google walks you through selecting your audience, creating your ad, setting your budget, reviewing your promotion, and checking out.

Funny that they recommend you to advertiser your Google+ page in addition to your websites. During the ad process you’re given the choice between the two with Google+ on the top as default.

Overall the sign-up was pretty slick and the UI was amazing. Most interesting part of the whole thing was after you set up your campaign the promo bar ad that you clicked on to set up your campaign will change from “Want more followers?” to “Check on your promotion” which will take you to the AdWords Express home dashboard.

This isn’t the first time Google has tried to cross-promote AdWords Express and Google+ Local to businesses. Back in August, an email tried to lure businesses to sign up by offering $100 advertising credit, along with this message: “Potential customers could be searching for your products or services. Start promoting your local business with AdWords Express in minutes.”

Since Adwords Express launched in 2011 Google hasn’t come out with any data on the number of businesses using Adwords Express though this is one of the only bigger pushes that i’ve seen since it’s launch.

Have you ever tried AdWords Express? If so what have you liked or disliked about the service?

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