Analytics Data Not Populating Into AdWords For Some Accounts

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A Google spokesperson says the company’s engineering team has fixed an issue that was causing conversions from Google Analytics to not be properly imported into AdWords. Past data will be restored in the coming days.

Campaigns that rely on this data for optimization such as CPA bidding haven’t been getting data about conversions. This causes the conversion optimization tool to stop driving clicks to certain campaigns. Reports on WebmasterWorld trace the bug back as early as January 6. Google confirmed the bug in a statement:

“We’ve recently been experiencing a technical issue affecting a small number of advertisers who are importing engagement-based Google Analytics goals into AdWords, such as page depth and time on site. Advertisers who are importing URL-based goals into AdWords, like a visit to an order confirmation page, have not been affected.”

Google’s spokesperson later confirmed that advertisers using Google’s auto bid optimization tools that have engagement goals could be affected. Basically, it would only affect your account by lowering bids and reducing your overall traffic because AdWords wouldn’t be aware that the conversions were actually taking place.

It was suggested that if you were having problems with this that you switch from CPA bidding to CPC bidding until Google fixed the issue.

Have you had problems with these issues?

Editor’s note: This story has been updated.

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