Yahoo’s Shashi Seth Follows Another Exec Out the Door

shashi-sethAnother executive is out at Yahoo. Shashi Seth, Senior VP of the Connections business unit has announced he’s leaving Yahoo.

During his three and a half years at Yahoo, Seth’s responsibilities included overseeing such products as Yahoo Search, Local, Shopping, Mail, Flickr, Answers and many more. Prior to joining Yahoo, Seth worked at AOL briefly. Before that Seth led product development for Google search and YouTube over the three years he worked at Google.

While it has been reported he wasn’t happy under the new Marissa Mayer regime, there is no clear report that suggests how his departure came about.

The news of Seth’s departure was confirmed by an email from Mayer the day after news broke that Yahoo’s former Chief Information Security Office, Justin Somaini, left the company. Speculation still abounds as to why he left so abruptly. But, as reported by Kara Swisher, recent Yahoo Mail security hacks may have contributed.

It certainly hasn’t been a secret that Mayer has been trying to rebuild the senior positions in Yahoo while still keeping her finger on the pulse of product development. Both Seth and Somaini had ties to the recently redesigned Yahoo Mail product.

After security concerns and an increase of spam from hacked accounts last December, Seth was quoted regarding Yahoo’s new new partnership with AVG for search and email. Mayer is said to be personally overseeing development of Yahoo’s flagship free email service to restore its position back on top of free email services.

Growing pains are never easy. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. As history has shown, these will probably not be the last of the Yahoo departures.

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