Are Ninjas, Gurus & Rockstars Endangered Species in 2013?

Ninja in black outfitGurus. Mavens. Ninjas. Rockstars. No doubt you’ve seen some of these job titles on LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.

B.L. Ochman at Advertising Age even did some calculations using FollowerWonk to show the meteoric growth of such titles over the past few years. We now have roughly 181,000 social media folks calling themselves everything from social media freaks to social media warriors. There are even a few “whores” out there.

But is it time to put such “fluffy” job titles out to pasture?

Patricio Robles at Econsultancy is one who believes that you should avoid job titles like those already mentioned, as well as job titles in which you tout yourself as an evangelist, expert, genius, or wizard, among others. And many seem to agree.

The post spawned some great comments, such as “There’s a big difference from showing some personality and being a pompous knob!” and “These job titles are pretty useful, they help identify people not to work with.”

What do you think? Is it OK to call yourself a rockstar, or is it time those who work in search and social media to abandon such self-appointed job titles?

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