Have You Had This Shopping Experience Recently?

Landing Page Optimization Dramatized By Google Analytics

How many of you have had this experience recently? Google Analytics posted a great little video to their YouTube channel today which provides a cautionary tale as to the online shopping experience your ecommerce site might be subjecting users to. The video will certainly raise a smile.

A man walks into a supermarket to buy some olives. While searching the aisles, he is bombarded with related products and offers from different sales assistants.

What I like most is the way it illustrates, or dramatizes (I’m really not sure of the right word in this context) algorithms we are all familiar with – such as “people who bought this also bought,” and “popular products.”

The concept is ripe for others to mimic. For example, how could Bloomreach daramatize their social shopping algorithm? Could LivePerson better illustrate their shopping concept with actors?

Or even better, how would you script the reality of PageRank? Others have tried!

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