6 AdWords Enhancements Offer More Insights, Efficiency

In paid search marketing, the goal at all times is to drive better results. You spend your time pouring over data looking for that one data point that will help you achieve those better results.

In order to focus your time on finding that data point you need two things:

  • Tools that drive efficiency so you can spend more time looking for that insight.
  • Access to incremental insights that provide you the ability to see new data points providing better opportunities to optimize.

Google has recently spent some time upgrading AdWords to provide tools that help on both the efficiency and insights categories. Here are a few that you might want to take advantage of.


  • Campaign Diagnostics: Now AdWords will alert you proactively if you’re about to make a change to your account that might have a negative reaction. For example, adding a negative keyword that will inadvertently block another keyword. This catch can really provide an extra level of insights that often get missed far too easily when you are trying to do the right thing to an account, but it doesn’t turn out that way.
  • Impression Share for Search & Display: Have you been wondering what percentage of display inventory you’ve been buying? Now AdWords will break out performance individually across both search and display. This is very helpful for the display side; however, you still shouldn’t run display and search ads out of the same campaign.


  • Email-only alerts with automated rules: Not fully comfortable with the system making some changes without your final, final approval? This tool will provide you with proactive insights about actions that can be taken given the rules you provide.


  • Keyword columns in search terms report: For a while now, AdWords’ search query report has been providing information about which search query triggered your keyword ad. However, now you will be able to quickly add that keyword through the same screen.


  • Faster editing across your account: AdWords is bringing a feature that has always been available in the Editor to the web – the ability to make bulk changes quickly. The ability to raise, lower, or make bulk changes becomes a great way to save time. Just be sure you’re thinking about the implications of big generic bid changes.
  • AdWords scripts: The ability to write some JavaScript code to help automate your ads with info from a pricing DB, update bids, etc. A helpful tool to create efficiency, and flexibility.

Overall, Google is doing a lot to help improve the system, and providing tools to help paid search marketers focus on driving improved results. Look for more to come based on feedback from the masses, and keep trying looking for those insights.

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