1 Way Not to Wish You Had Just Done That Before Black Friday

picard-facepalmEvery year, like clockwork, the big paid search platform companies publish a report following Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend which, to paraphrase artistically, says that online retail spending broke all previous records (yay!) BUT that most companies failed to grasp the opportunity and that there was a lot more profit to be made if marketers only bid more aggressively, used remarketing, started earlier, went mobile, closed later, employed kittens as cashiers etc (boo!).

Talk about raining on a parade, right? This year, don’t let their pen pushing analysts do that to you. It’s war out there! You were in the trenches! They don’t know what it is like!

Here is one way to check you have all your bases covered so that you can be damn confident you have put your best foot forward in the biggest online retail marketing opportunity of the year. Brothers, Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, have published a mini-ebook for marketers looking to boost holiday sales.

The ebook lists more than 21 tactics to that could help you sell more this month in the retail revenue race before the holiday season. Each tactic is scored according to Resources, Impact and Time which contributes to a total score which could help you prioritize which tactic delivers the most reward for effort or the biggest bang for buck, so to speak.

The Eisenberg’s brand of “grokking” has always been about common sense and instant action. Their motto is “if it doesn’t, don’t do it.” As such this ebook provides a shopping list of easy to execute ideas that you will be to test or check off instantly as “Done” or “Not Done” in the short time it takes to read it.

Everything else that remains on the “Not Done” list you will be able to quickly grok as high or low priority using their suggested scores and, if not, space is provided for you to score it according to your own analysis.

For example, there were a couple of what I can only call “facepalm-saving” tips. Namely, so obvious and so simple that you probably already forgot them – like tip number 17:

Reach out to past customers

“We miss you” and “we want you back” emails are some of the best trigger emails in your arsenal. Develop special emails for customers who haven’t opened or clicked on your emails or haven’t ordered in a long time. Give them a killer offer with a deadline – deadlines create urgency and cause people to focus – to entice them back into the fold.

Outside perspectives usually spur action and this shopping list for optimizing your customers’ shopping list is no different. Whilst there were no “out-of-this world-never-thought-about-that” tips for the seasoned marketer, there were at least 6 things upon first reading that made me think “if I were a retailer I definitely would want to make sure I had done that.”

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