Google Goes Batty with Horror Movie Easter Egg

There is more Halloween fun to be had on Google aside from the Haunted House doodle. If you haven’t noticed them already, Google really want you to notice their freebase results which makes the search engine a bit more like Wolfram Alpha and Siri.

Type in almost any horror movie title and you will see bats hanging from Google’s Knowledge Graph ‘card’ results. Disturb the bats with your mouse pointer and they flap around.

I say almost any, because the SEW team tried a bunch of different results and not every known horror film triggered results. I was impressed that my personal favorite, A Tale of Two Sisters was identified as a horror film, but Dark Water wasn’t, despite a western remake.

Halloween Easter Egg in Google

To be honest, it’s a bit erratic and we cannot tell if it is deliberate or now. Other films we tried that did not appear were:

  • Child’s Play
  • Scream
  • Poltergeist
  • The Ring

Did any of those searches work for you? On what film searches did you see the bats appear?

Easter Eggs

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