Gigya Aims to Take Your Community Data Out of IT and Put Into Marketing

Gigya LogoLast month Gigya launched User Management 360 which is a revamp of their previous social login infrastructure. The change heralds three important new features for content publishers who want to build an online community. The first change is called Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) which allows anyone to create registration pages within minutes. Anyone who has had to build their own registration form will know that this is no mean feat. Businesses have previously needed to build custom registration systems on their own, but now someone without any technical know-how could get this system up and running in no time. The instant registration system supports both social login and also your own custom form to provide users with a choice of sign-in options and benefits.

The second change is “Identity Access” which allows marketers to query a users complete activity profile on your site and also look at their social information shared on other networks. Essentially you can search for any registered users on your site by name, email, User ID and view the shared social data alongside the individual record. This enables the community manager in order to reward gamification behavior like commenting or sharing, or worst case, better validate whether a user account is a spammer or troll. Community admins can edit, reset, and delete site-specific user data as well as inject or revoke gamification points and rewards.

The third change enables companies using social login to stay in compliance with social network policies. Gigya have automated the social network compliance to be in step with the control users are demanding over their data. In particular, the system allows the user of your site to download any stored social data and edit or delete their account from within their profile in your community. Also, should the update or delete their own Facebook accounts, that will update in your system too (unless the registered separately for your own community in which case they have to delete that manually from your user interface).

SEW spoke to Victor White, Marketing Manager at Gigya to discuss their latest product announcements, “We’re trying to do for B2C data what did for B2B data by centralizing a company’s user data into one cloud-based storage system and allowing marketers to put the data to use instantly. This takes IT departments out of the equation and gives marketers direct access to this treasure-trove of user data. All with the explicit permissions of the users.”

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