ComScore Introduces Validated Campaign Essentials

comScore LogoComScore has introduced validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) for Video, which measures Gross Rating Points (GRPs), demographics and behavioral profiles of audiences reached by video campaigns, as well as the extent to which video ads were actually viewable by consumers.

This new video validation technology also delivers insight on whether the video ad was actually seen by a real viewer, bringing these metrics into closer alignment with TV based on a similar “opportunity to see” standard.

This means vCE Video provides both traditional audience measurement of video ad campaigns, as well as validated measurement based on the ad’s viewability. Traditional campaign measurement includes Reach, Frequency, Gross Rating Points (GRPs), and Target Rating Points (TRPs) based on impressions. Validated video reporting metrics include validated Reach and Frequency, validated Gross Ratings Points (vGRPs) and validated Target Rating Points (vTRPs).

Other key features of comScore’s vCE Video include:

  • Reporting that’s compatible with TV campaign measurement, such as overnight reporting of audience demographics, and integrated with comScore’s new multi-platform audience data that includes TV.
  • De-duplication of audiences across media platforms, leveraging the comScore Census Network.
  • Demographics, which include not only age and gender, but also household income, household size, race, and ethnicity in the U.S.
  • Measurement of more than 70 different behavioral segments on a global basis, allowing advertisers to understand the impact of viewed impressions on segments of people with similar behaviors, such as auto, food, or travel enthusiasts.
  • The ability to combine metrics with other digital campaigns involving display and rich media to provide an unduplicated view of audiences across multiple ad formats.
  • Global and cross-geographical campaign reporting capabilities.

More than 120 advertisers and agencies and 80 publishers in 28 countries have conducted digital campaign measurement with comScore’s vCE, which received MRC accreditation in August for campaign verification. VCE Video is available on a global basis, and has the support of a broad range of leading partners, including, Adconion Media Group, The AOL On Network, Comcast Media 360, Innovid, LiveRail, PointRoll, Undertone, Viacom, VINDICO, and ZEDO.

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