Unruly Adds Dynamic Creative Optimization to Social Video Player

unruly-logoUnruly has added Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) to its Social Video Player.

This technology can increase a brand’s campaign performance by automatically selecting which video ad to display to the target audience.

The selection is based on viewer behavior and the campaign’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It can help brands spend campaign distribution budgets in the most efficient way and allow them to change content without going back to the production phase.

When activated, the technology chooses which of the brand’s multiple videos to show based on how the content is performing against the brand’s objectives, whether that’s to drive awareness, advocacy, action or attention.

Powered by Unruly’s on-demand analytics and big data processing system, it provides instant feedback on consumer interactions, shares, completion rates and click-throughs. As soon as one video is racing ahead of the others, that video is played for a higher proportion of time.

The highest performing creative is selected based on algorithms within Unruly’s Media Engagement and Measurement Engine (MEME) proprietary technology platform, which supports live updating of creative assets. The data is analysed every 10 seconds, ensuring that campaign performance is measured in real-time.

The product is available on an exclusive basis to select customers.

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