New Competitive Facebook Reporting Tool Available

Last week SEMrush announced the release of a new Facebook PPC reporting tool. The tool offers competitive intelligence on ads running on Facebook by domain, keyword, and also top ads on Facebook. SEMrush describes the tool as more comprehensive than others on the market that are “only be able to provide details of likes and shares”.


Searching for ads by domain will give you the impressions over time in a nice line graph that allows you to see how ad impressions trend over time. The ad creative is also provided, as are the landing pages. Geo-targeting of the ads is shown in a pie graph and offers insight into the markets this advertiser is focusing on.

If you don’t know who the competitors are, the ads by keyword can shed some light on this. On any keyword, a list of ads is displayed containing that keyword.


For example a search for “jewlry” resulted in 98 ad results advertising jewelry products. (My misspelling revealed a lot of misspelled ads. This may yield some interesting data, but may also be a limitation of the tool to exact match on ads by keyword.) 

I quickly learned how to research offer strategy by searching for “whitepaper” to reveal the messaging, images, and landing pages companies use when promoting a whitepaper on Facebook.


Top ads data provides a great snapshot into trends for Facebook ads by showing the top ads by impression either daily, weekly, monthly, and can be further refined by geography (country). A second area in top ads shows the top advertisers by domain. When clicking on an advertisers domain, you can review details about their impressions overtime, geo-targeting and actual ad creative.

Many of the reports allow you to drill down into more detailed information.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to download reports, however, which can be a problem in terms of sharing or extracting actionable data.

Monthly subscription rates for the entire competitive research suite, which includes SEO, PPC, and Facebook tools, starts at $69 and is found at

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