Star Trek Google Doodle Boldly Goes Where No Doodle Has Gone Before

Trekkies and geeks worldwide will certainly rejoice at today’s Google Doodle that celebrates the 46th anniversary of the original “Star Trek” TV series, which originally aired September 8, 1966.

Complete with animations and its own storyline, Google gives live to their iconic letters, adding eyes, hair, the Starfleet insignia and multi-colored shirts, representing uniforms worn by the characters on the show. (Google has forgone the green “l,” as green was not a uniform color.)


“Star Trek: The Original Series” was characters who explored the universe, discovering new life and boldly going, “where no man has gone before,” according to the show’s original opening.

Like the series, the Google Doodle pays homage to Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” vision by asking you to explore and boldly click to discover new scenes involving the “characters” that are the letters that spell out Google. You can click various hot spots in the Doodle to interact with the ship’s controls, the characters and advance the plot to additional scenes.

The hidden storyline played out in the interactive Star Trek Google Doodle references events from the TV series. There are a lot of story hints, which is one of the reasons Google decided to release the special logo a day early.

In a Google+ post, Amit Singhal, Google Fellow and “Star Trek” fan explains “a team of outstanding designers and engineers, and numerous Star Trek fans at Google, got really creative with this one.”

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll notice the smallest details from the sites to the sounds of all the best elements. Even the transition between scenes give homage to the iconic series.

As with most Google Doodles, the first thing your eyes are drawn to in today’s Star Trek Doodle is the letters. Attention to detail was closely paid, as the letters recreate the main characters from the bridge of the original Starship Enterprise.

The most noticeable capital G represents Spock, adorned in a blue shirt, short haircut, pointy ears, unibrow and gold braids indicating his rank of commander. Lt. Uhura, Captain Kirk, Doctor “Bone” McCoy and helmsman Mr. Sulu are also depicted in the letters.

The e, as you may discover if you poke around the Doodle, is an unnamed Redshirt, who Trekkies know as the token crew member who accompanied the main characters on away missions to surfaces of planets the crew explored. These crew members nearly always ended up dying. Make sure you explore all the elements of the Redshirt e’s big storyline.


Play around the Google Doodle. Don’t miss the ending credits, which pay homage to the show’s opening and original “Star Trek” theme song. Share your thoughts and discoveries in the comments below!

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