Google Introduces Chrome, Drive for iOS

Day two of the Googles I/O conference in San Francisco saw the introduction of Google Chrome and Drive apps for iOS devices. Google showcased the apps latest features and showed what Google software looks like on an Apple device during the show.

Google Chrome for iOS

google-chrome-logoGoogle kicked off its day two keynote with the announcement of Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPad. The browser will offer all the features of its Android counterpart. Chrome for iOS will allow users to sync tabs, passwords, and settings across hardware platforms.

“Some of you have been very persistently asking [for Chrome on iOS],” said Google Vice President of Chrome Brian Rakowski. “I’m very happy to say the team has really pulled something great off.”

During the show Google showed off their Chrome mainstay “incognito mode,” which makes your browser activity untraceable, on an iOS device.

Google Drive for iOS

The search giant unveiled Google Drive for iOS at the keynote. Drive will be made available on iPad, iPhone, iPhone Touch, and Mac computers starting immediately. The new iOS apps will come stock with new features which are now available across all compatible platforms.

The cloud system will come with Drive’s newest feature that allows for users to edit documents offline and then synch up the edited contents when they hop back on an Internet connection.

The new offline editing features are not yet available for spreadsheets and presentations, but Google said they’re working on correcting that.

Google also unveiled a new Drive feature that will allow users to search the cloud using image recognition software. Meaning, if a user searches for pyramids, Drive will show all uploaded pictures with pyramids in them.

This article was originally published on V3.

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