Wajam Places Adds More Social Search Results to Google Maps


Social search engine Wajam has released an update that integrates their location-based social search with a new Google Maps interface. Users of the service can now see social recommendations from friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ on an interactive map, through Wajam Places.

The upgraded social search extension pulls Facebook Likes and Foursquare check-ins into the Google environment, displaying recommendations for restaurants, hotels, attractions and more in an interactive Google Maps interface.

Wajam released a video overview of this new Google Maps functionality:

Users can either use the Wajam.com search engine or install the Social Search Everywhere Plugin for access.

In April, we covered the launch of Wajam’s social service; you can learn more about it and how it extracts data/aggregates from friends’ results in real-time in Wajam Adds Social Layer to Google with Facebook, Twitter Results.

Montreal-based Wajam is unique in that it compiles data from more of a user’s active social networks than they can access through each service alone. For example, Google Search Plus Your World brings Google+ social results into the search engine results pages, but not Twitter or Facebook.

Their service is completely opt-in and displays social search results in a right-hand sidebar on Google search results pages. Results can be filtered down to those posted by specific friends, or by relevance or recency. The plug-in brings social recommendations to users wherever they look for information, including TripAdvisor, YouTube, Bing, and more.

Wajam operates in the good graces of Google, though they aren’t affiliated with the search company. They aren’t aiming to compete with the search giant, though by April 2012 they’d accumulated more than 1.8 billion pieces of content in their own index.

Instead, they want to be the premier social search API solution (their API is currently in alpha mode for third parties), according to CEO Martin-Luc Archambault.

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