Google Updates Search App for iPhone, iPad

Google Search iOS app Google appsGoogle has released a new version of its iPhone search app, boasting a revamped interface, full screen image searches and improved search speeds.

The update makes app pages load faster and increases the speed with which autocomplete search suggestions appear.

Google’s interaction designer, Noah Levin, claimed that the update means results will update with each letter added, though we still saw a slight delay when typing in a blog post announcing the launch of the application.

The app also makes viewing multiple pages easier, adding a swipeable menu at the bottom of its user interface that lets you easily switch between open web pages.

The feature extends to its search categories, meaning users can swipe to move between search, image and map modes.

Google has enhanced the app’s voice command support, letting users search the web orally. In our initial tests the feature worked well, with the service easily understanding all our requests, no matter how obscure.

The update also makes searching for images much easier, so that rather than rows of thumbnail images, pictures now load as a full screen grid, letting you tap an image to get additional details on it and swipe through the search results.

The app also comes with a save option, letting users download the selected image simply by holding down on it.

The search service also adds Google apps onto Apple’s iOS, housing a link to other services like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Google+, YouTube, Blogger. The apps arrival follows speculation that Apple is planning to add Google Maps in its next major iOS overhaul.

V3 offers a review of the new Google Search app for the iPhone.

This article was originally published on V3.

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