Google Might Have to Pay Oracle $150,000 in Copyright Damages

Android and Java logosOracle may only win pocket change in its long-running Java battle with Android maker Google, after the latest ruling from the U.S. judge presiding over the courtroom fight.

Earlier this week, the jury in the case ruled that Google had infringed Oracle’s copyright over a few lines of code used in the development of Android.

But according to numerous reports, Judge William Alsup, who is hearing the case, said that the most Oracle may end with as a result of that infringement was statutory damages – which are limited to just $150,000.

Oracle had originally been seeking billions of dollars in damages from Google over the alleged abuse of Java code in the development of the Android mobile operating system.

The trial, which has already been running for nearly four weeks, was originally divided into three stages: the first examining copyright claims, the second patent claims, and the third potential damages.

In the first state, the jury ruled that Google had breached copyright relating to a tiny proportion of Java code, but the inconclusive judgment on several key aspects led Google’s lawyers to seek a mistrial.

Meanwhile, the judge has also suggested that the final stage of the trial should be curtailed.

“You ought to find a way to streamline the trial,” Judge Alsup is quoted in several reports as telling the two firms.

This article was originally published on V3.

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