Google News Adds Realtime Coverage, Google+ Discussion in U.S.

Three new features are coming to Google News in the U.S. Google is increasing the size of images on its main page, adding a new Realtime Coverage page, and adding Google+ discussions about news stories, the company announced.

You’ll see Realtime Coverage for every story as soon as it hits Google News. It looks like this:


In another attempt to get people using Google+, Google will incorporate discussions that are getting a lot of chatter on Google+ to the News homepage to provide additional views on the issue, or a “social perspective” as Google terms it. Now you can see what everyone in your Google+ Circles, journalists, and anyone else talking about the story are saying about trending stories.

Google hopes that this will both improve and contribute more to breaking news. This feature will only show for Google News readers who are signed into their Google account.

Don’t want to see it? You can either log out of Google+ or turn it off under your Google News settings page.

Google is rolling out all these features over the next week or two, so if you don’t see all of these features right this second. These are just a few of the ways that Google is trying to help improve user experience and get more people using Google+.

What do you think of the new updates?

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