Google Adds Google+ Share Button

Google has announced the Google+ Share button. Google has made it very easy for website owners to embed the Google+ share button on their websites and visitors to easily share content to their Google+ page from anywhere on the web.

The new button is different from the +1 button, which is designed to be an endorsement. The Google+ Share button is more like the share button for Facebook and Twitter, while the +1 button is like a “Like” button on Facebook.

Here’s what the Google+ Share button will look like before you click on it:


You will notice that there is a share count of all the people that have shared it, as well as names of people connected to you who have shared it.

Once you click on the Google+ Share button, it will pull up a Google+ Share box where you can share with any number of your circles. You can share it as many times as you want.


After you share, the Share button will turn red, just as the +1 button does.

If you want to put this on your website, you can download the code and start today!

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