Google Related, One Pass Shutting Down

google-relatedGoogle is bidding farewell to another batch of products that have failed to catch on. Google Related and One Pass are among the latest products Google announced is sending to live on a farm upstate where they can run and play.

One product that will be affected by the latest “spring cleaning” is Patent search, but it won’t be shutting down. Rather, the Patent Search homepage is being redirected to Google promises the new integration means patent searches will load twice as fast, feature Google Doodles, and “soon” expand to include patents from other countries.

Here are the products that will be getting the ax:

  • Google Related, a browser extension that served up recommended links in the form of news, video, web, and image content from around the web, didn’t see the kind of adoption Google expected. Launched in August, Google Related will be retired “over the next few weeks.”
  • One Pass, the subscription service for news publishers that was revealed in February 2011, has been shut down due to low usage. Google will transition to “other platforms”, such as paywall substitute Google Consumer Surveys, which launched earlier this month. Google Consumer Surveys basically allows businesses to conduct surveys and allows visitors to gain access to content that would otherwise be off-limits behind a paywall/subscription area.
  • Google Flu Vaccine Finder is retired on Google but will reappear at HealthMap Flu Vaccine Finder.
  • APIs are being retired  and API deprecation policies are changing.
  • Google Sync for BlackBerry support ends as of June 1 (more on this at V3.)
  • Google Talk mobile web app is shutting down.
  • Picasa for Linux is being deprecated.
  • Picasa Web Albums Uploader for Mac and Picasa Web Albums Plugin for iPhotos are no longer available for download and won’t be maintained. Google suggests Picasa 3.9 for Mac.

Google continues to eliminate underperforming products and services, a process which began not long after Larry Page took over as CEO last year. Below are stories to more coverage of dead Google products.

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