Doodle 4 Google 2012 Ireland Winner Turns Back Time


The winning logo from Ireland’s 2012 Doodle 4 Google competition has been revealed. The Doodle, which appears on Google Ireland for 24 hours today, was voted as the best out of 300 children’s hand-drawn logos depicting the theme of “I wish…”

Ireland’s winner is 18-year-old Patrick Horan, a sixth year student at St. Munchin’s College in Limerick, whose logo was titled “Turning Back Time”.

“Many of us look towards the stars to make a wish,” according to the description that accompanied Horan’s entry. “I wish I could turn back time to see our world in past times. My Doodle shows the mechanisms inside a clock slowly turning back the hands of time making my wish come true.”

In addition to having millions of Google users view his artwork today, Horan received an award at Google’s Dublin headquarters, won himself and his teacher a laptop, and earned a €10,000 technology grant for his school. Horan was also a finalist last year for a Doodle inspired by the poetry of Patrick Kavanagh, titled “Letting My Imagination Flow”:


However, Horan ended up losing the 2011 Doodle 4 Google competition to a 6-year-old student whose “Love Google” Doodle was the big winner. This is the second winning Doodle St. Munchin’s has produced – the school also won in 2010.

Google also runs a U.S. version of Doodle 4 Google. The theme this year is “If I could travel in time, I’d visit…” The U.S. winner’s Doodle will appear on Google’s home page May 18.

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