Google Launches GetMo Mobile Optimization Initiative in UK

Google's Go Mo Meter

Google has unveiled a campaign which will aim to help UK businesses optimize their sites for use with mobile devices.

The company said that the GetMo initiative aims to provide webmasters and developers with tools for optimizing sites to run on mobile browsers. Based on Google’s HowToGoMo U.S. effort, GetMo offers testing materials, developer guides and case studies designed to help businesses optimise their sites for mobile handsets.

The initiative will also aim to help businesses locate and team up with third-party developers who specialize in building mobile sites.

The company said that the campaign is being launched in what has become a booming market for smartphone handsets in the UK. Google noted that mobile searches have grown by 400 percent over the last two years, with 84 percent of UK users claiming to have looked up local information on their phones.

Meanwhile, businesses have been unable to keep up with the demand and offer sites properly suited for mobile browsers, according to Google.

“As the smartphone explosion continues, more consumers are looking to engage with brands by searching for them on their mobile phone,” said Ian Carrington, Google’s head of European mobile advertising. “Yet the majority of businesses don’t have mobile sites or a mobile strategy for connecting with them.”

The launch of the GetMo campaign also comes as Google looks to boost its own share of the mobile browser market in the UK. Recent analyst reports have shown that Google’s Android platform has been increasing its market share in both the handset and tablet fields.

This article was originally published on V3.

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