New Google Search App Hits Windows Phones … and Users Hit Back

Windows Phone owners who have downloaded the new Google Search App from the Windows Phone Marketplace are giving it an overwhelming thumbs down thus far, because it strays from the Metro-style theme, image search is broken, and it’s slow and buggy.


Google announced the native search app’s arrival Wednesday, touting the inclusion of Google Autocomplete, Voice Search, and My Location, which serves up local results with the assistance of the device’s location rather than making users type a location.

Perhaps Google didn’t spend as much effort on the app due to the small market share of Windows Phone (Microsoft has a 4.4 percent share of the smartphone market as of January, trailing Google, Apple, and RIM, according to comScore). Regardless, this won’t convert Bing Search App users on the Windows Phone.

Google’s Search App, which can be downloaded here, is available worldwide in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

This isn’t the first time a Google app has gone over poorly outside of the Android platform. Back in November, Google was forced to pull its Gmail iOS app due to overwhelmingly negative feedback.

Have you downloaded the Google Search App for Windows Phone? What do you think of the app?

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