Bing Search First to Test Facebook’s New Logout Page Ad


Facebook is in the process of testing a new logout screen page ad unit. When you logout of your Facebook account you could be greeted with a full recreation of Bing’s home page, complete with a large photo and a search box. This was unveiled last week by Facebook.

Last Wednesday Facebook came out this new ad layout focusing on exposing users to more ads without ruining their experience. It’s expected that this new ad unit is scheduled to go live in April on all accounts.

Facebook also confirmed that around 31 million people logout of Facebook daily. If you put that on a CPM basis, they are leaving at least $37,000/daily on the table if you are getting $1 CPM. I know that I pay much more then that with the majority of my ads, and they are the little ones on the sides.

This logout screen should get more like a $4-$8 CPM. Facebook could be making an additional $54 million a year at only a $4 CPM. Bring on the IPO.

This is another step in the right direction for Facebook in addition to theirpremium ads and real-time insights. This is a brilliant move for Facebook as this is wasted space.

Typically people logout of their accounts, wait for the screen to tell them they have logged out, and they bounce to the next page. Now a user can search for relative things. Wouldn’t this be cool if this bounced to a page to something that we actually needed!

What if we had just mentioned that we were feeling sick, and this logout page was an ad campaign for sick people to get feeling better? Of what if I had just mentioned that I got a new car and the logout screen pulled up a Geico insurance quote? It’s a little creepy, but it’s coming and I don’t think there is much we can do to stop it. I kinda like it!

Do you think this is another way for Facebook to enter the search game? What if they allowed any site out there to put up search boxes like this for a chunk of the revenue? Now any site could be a search engine and start making money with Facebook. A few simple changes like this and Facebook could enter the search game pretty quick.

Something that’s very interesting to me is this sign out screen is the same as but it has an interactive search box.

Is this a step in the direction of pages letting people have a more interactive Facebook Fan Page? Could I as a Facebook Fan Page owner integrate something into the coverphoto of my pages that would allow them to search my site?

I’ve signed in and out of my Facebook account about 10 times trying to test things out, but haven’t seen this yet myself. Is anyone out there getting this on their log-out screen?

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