Bing Testing New SERPs Design, Local Search Layouts

Bing has been busy testing and rolling out new designs for both their search engine results pages and local search listings.

bing-feb2012-serp-design-test spotted a new Bing UI that seems to have rolled out to more users in the U.S. They noted that a number of designs seem to have appeared over the last few months, but this one represents the most substantial updates.

In this latest incarnation, the sidebar appears on the right and Suggested Searches appear below the search box, rather than in the sidebar. Navigational elements are smaller, while user account controls are more prominent.

Bing is also testing out at least two new local search results layouts, as reported by BrightLocal.

Currently, Bing’s local search results are displayed in a box at the top of the page, with three to five results listed as text links next to a Bing map. Organic results are listed below.

In the first of the two new layouts, the box remains the same but moves into the organic space, in the middle of the SERP, much like how Google presents Places listings. This could well for local listings on Bing.


The second new layout spotted by BrightLocal expands local search result listings and adds a link to “Details” as well as the currently available “Directions.” The map moves over into the sidebar above paid search ads and displays interactive pins for each local search result featured.


When users scroll down the page, the sidebar map scrolls over top of the paid search ads (just like Google). This format also displays the company’s ratings and star count. Where the local listing has a URL attached to it, Bing pulls in a direct link to the site and the meta description.

These new features aren’t yet available to all users and may disappear as Bing continues to test new designs and layouts. It is clear, however, that they’re trying to find a better balance for both local businesses and the users trying to find information about them.

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