Bing Vision, Newspaper Imaging Coming to Windows Phones in UK

windows-phone-7-mango-bingMicrosoft has added a pair of features to the Bing search platform on Windows Phone.

Bing Vision

In a posting to the Bing UK blog, the company said that it would be equipping the search platform with additional options for mobile users. The update will allow users additional options for scanning and viewing content on their handsets.

The Bing Vision add-on will add the option to scan in QR and bar codes as well as image recognition tools which will allow users to view sites and retail information by scanning images from DVD and CD covers.

Additionally, the tool will recognize book covers and data from the Microsoft Tags platform.

Bing Imaging for Newspapers

The company is also looking to expand its image recognition platform into the print media space.

Set to launch in March, Bing Imaging for Newspapers will allow the handsets to take pictures of newspaper and magazine articles and then match the article with its online edition.

The reception of the Imaging for Newspapers platform will be watched closely by newspaper and magazine publishers who have seen their print readership plummet in recent years and have strugled to transition their business models into the digital space.

This article was originally published on V3.

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