Google Forecloses on Mortgage Comparison

Is a new version of Google’s mortgage comparison service in the works? After scaling back the service in November, mortgage comparison went offline earlier this month. Mortgage comparison search is also gone from the Google Advisor site.

Here’s what Advisor looked like at launch:


How it looks now without the mortgage comparison option:


A search for “mortgage” no longer returns the comparison ads that debuted in 2009 and linked to the Advisor site since it launched last year.

Google launched UK Compare Mortgages in July, but was offline by September, with a message that “We’re in the process of revamping our mortgage comparison service. It will be unavailable for a period of time while we work on those improvements.”

A Google spokesperson told The Telegraph:

“We’ve been prioritising our product efforts across Google, which means taking a hard look at products that haven’t been as successful as we would have hoped. We’ve closed down the mortgage search feature of Google Advisor in the US and are focused on building continued improvements into the rest of the product. This change was for the US product only and has to do with the dynamics of the US mortgage market. We’re still committed to this space overall. As an example, we recently acquired Beat That Quote in the UK and have been working hard on great new experiences for our users that combine Google and Beat That Quote expertise.”

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