adCenter Increases Ad Text Limit to 71; Adds Budget Overview, Mobile Targeting

Over the past couple months adCenter has been working on several improvement to their Microsoft Advertising Platform. New enhancements to negative keyword functionality, as well as several upgrades to their reporting tools and user interface.

AdCenter recently announced several improvements to ad description character length, budget overview, and targeting updates.

Easier Google AdWords Campaign Importing to adCenter


To simplify importing ads for AdWords to adCenter and align with industry standards, adCenter has changed the allotted character count in ad descriptions from 70 to 71.

A really cool feature now lets you import ads from AdWords to adCenter. You can do this the UI and through the adCenter Desktop. All the imports can be done without changing your ad description.

Campaign Budget Overview

If you login to your dashboard, you will see a new budget gadget on the home page. This new gadget provides a simplified campaign budget overview that doesn’t require any additional plug-ins or programs. This is good for all you people out there like me who hate Silverlight.

Mobile Ad Targeting

Now, much like AdWords, you can target your ad campaigns to specific mobile devices and tablets. You can also target different types of phones such as the new Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. You can even drill down different tablet OS’s. Tablet supported options include iOS, Android, and RIM.

In addition to those changes, now you can create and customize specific campaigns based on device type to better target potential customers and improve campaign performance.

We hope these changes will help you and your ads! May you have many more conversions!

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